Reviewing Raven Threads | K.D. McCrite, author

raventhreadscover230-200Author K.D. McCrite is one of the talented people the Ozarks shares with the rest of the world so they can see a shining example of elegant art — not all rednecks! McCrite grew up near Mansfield, Missouri and now resides in Arkansas. She is a stellar Ozarks writer who has written several mysteries in various series from the people at Annie’s Attic. Additionally, she has an excellent young adult series with the Confessions of April Grace. Some days she takes on a different persona and writes romance as Sidney Archer.  You can get acquainted with K.D. at her Facebook page.  K.D. McCrite, author

K.D. McCrite has brought an excellent piece of the mysterious puzzle facing quilter friends who’ve had a third friend murdered. They seriously pursue justice for their friend in Raven Threads.

Ravens and rancor are at the center of Raven Threads as lifelong friends, Emma and Kelly leave their quilt design restoration shop, “Cotton and Grace” in the hands of family while they track down a clue to the murderer of another friend, Rose. The mystery is 15 years old and unsolved…will the Raven have the answer? Will their efforts bring freedom for a talented artist and peace for a family?

I enjoyed the quilting and crafting conversation sprinkled through the book along with the lengths the friends go to trying to find justice for the friend they lost. A simple mystery would have been over in a few pages without the maze of sub-plots that author K.D. McCrite is so good at weaving together as a story/tapestry. We find romance, fear, art, along with major friendship among the Nimble Thimbles quilting group. I liked member, Walter, the retired geometry teacher who brought a line perspective to a craft usually left to women.

The community around Mystic Harbor is the dream of small towns across the country with side by side small specialty shops that seem to be successful. And rather different from the situation at the small, hostile town of Avonlea where they must go to track down their raven clue and find of the woman with the Raven necklace is the murderer. Or what she knows.

As we’ve come to expect from all Annie’s books, the Annie’s Quilting Mysteries are well-written, edited and beautifully produced with stunning jackets, stitched spine and ATTACHED satin bookmarks. The story and the presentation are purely ART!


Reviewing Snow Fence Road | Phyllis Edgerly Ring

The title Snow Fence Road raised totally different expectations than Phyllis Edgerly Ring‘s book delivered for me.  The layered, charming story has warmth in the characters — for a few pages you might wonder how these people will all have some deeper connection for one another, but this story benefits when the author doesn’t force feed the reader.  It is another story about an Inn/Bed and Breakfast — that seems to be a favorite setting for the books that I enjoy reading!  There are more ‘Inn Books’ reviewed at Cardinal Bluff in recent posts.

A Fantastic  Story Set Along the Maine Coast.

A layered story set at the Spinnaker Inn along the coast of Maine where characters must walk through love and loss.  The twists in the story run the gamut from dramatic to silly, and coincidental.  Boy, can the heart get those soap-opera thumps and bumps when someone does something because she or he didn’t know how that would affect the people on the other side.

Because I like inns, I enjoyed the side details of the activity and renovation projects as the Spinnaker Inn, Claire’s family home business by the investment from Tess, using the money she inherited from Andy!  See what I mean about Twists?  How will Evan be able to overcome the loss of the extremely talented Celia to enjoy a stable relationship with Tess? Where will life take Claire and Rowan and the tangles they’ve built?  And let’s not leave out Tess’s creative and encouraging mother or the neighbor, especially Dickie and father Gil at the general store. Matthew is charming as the child ‘foil.’  All through the delightfully described seasons — the author knows about driving on bad winter roads…she nailed it.
Other detail covers some extremely talented portrait and setting artists.
Snow Fence Road was a total surprise to me.  I was expecting something totally different than this layered, charming and lovable story.  I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure.  A well-written, inspiring book….profanity is little to none, conversation never drifts toward the ‘coarse’ and no erotica.

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